The Springboard Advanced Course focuses on the leadership skills required to implement change and promotes recognition of the fundamental importance of teams, leadership, empowerment and communication in building quality care. It starts to build the capability to coach others.


Projects started during Springboard Foundation Course are revisited and progress is assessed. The course then teaches the skills required to advance their projects and manage challenges.

Specifically by the end of the course, participants will have learned how to increase their personal and team effectiveness through understanding themselves, the management of change, how to be effective and how to motivate others.

Course Content and Structure

Day 1:  

Teams present QI project plans and progress highlighting successes and challenges
Revision of tools used for measuring quality improvement
Introduction to Myers Briggs personality groups

Day 2:

Introduction to leadership and leadership styles
Introduction to Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Revision of effective ways of giving and receiving feedback
Participants develop their own personal learning goals

Day 3:  

Introduction to emotional intelligence and course participants are encouraged to assess their own emotional intelligence
Introduction to coaching and mentorship
Practical sessions to practice and received feedback on coaching and mentorship behaviours
Time management skills
Principles of delegation introduced and practised in groups

Day 4:

Introduction to and practical application of Seven Step Change Model &The Change Curve
Exploring values, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs
Discussions on creating and sustaining effective team
Next stage planning

Day 5:  

Applying skills learnt it to real issues
Practice managing a challenging relationship with feedback and support from course participants and springboard faculty


Eligibility Criteria

Healthcare professionals of all disciplines that have completed Springboard’s Foundation Course can attend the Advanced Course.