q4a – a group of committed healthcare professionals who share a passion for improving the quality and safety of healthcare for people across the world, quality for all.

q4a – work closely with health workers who want to improve outcomes for their population. We have developed interactive, enjoyable courses that empower individuals and teams to make real improvements that benefit both patients and staff.

This group aims to tackle the problems that people care about by adapting known improvement methodologies to suit local practices.

Healthcare professionals within q4a have national and international expertise in:

  • Healthcare & Health System Strengthening
  • Quality Improvement, Innovation & Leadership
  • Coaching & Building Teams
  • Global Health
  • Partnerships
  • Education
  • International Health Consultancy

q4a principles of practice:

  • Only work with people who want to work with us
  • Empowerment of the people we work with
  • Always work in the spirit of partnership & co-creation
  • Always train local trainers
  • Work on a not-for-profit basis

How does q4a fit into the QI landscape?

q4a has the expertise and experience to support the development of QI & Leadership skills globally. In addition to our independent work we are prepared to partner with others who deliver similar training. We acknowledge that transforming healthcare is a journey that will never end and many vehicles are needed – together we can do more!